Gadgets (GAD)

Alcohol Breath Tester GAD-0001-CHI053


Alcohol Testers GAD-0002- CHI096


Body Analyser Watch 02 GAD-0003- HK3915


Calorie and pulse Watch GAD-0004-HK350


Ear Spy Dictagraph 01 GAD-0006-CHI053


Ear Spy Dictagraph 02 GAD-0005-CHI053


Folding Accessories Series GAD-0007-HK3187


Logo Pen 03 GAD-0008-TAI418


Logo Projection Light, Key Chain and Pen GAD-0009-HK177


Mosquito Repeller GAD-0010-CHI053


Radio Pen GAD-0011-CHI241


Recording Keychain GAD-0013-TAI216


Spy Ear GAD-0012-CHI053


WCS Parking Timer Keychains GAD-0014


WCS Talking Alarm Keychain GAD-0015-TAI216


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