Liquid Filled Items (LF)

Christmas Magnet LF-0020-HK608


Customised Liquid Filled Keyrings LF-0021-HK809


Eye Gel Mask 1 LF-0022-HK865


Eye Gel Mask 3 LF-0023-TAI680


Floating Costers and Postcards LF-0024-HK809


Gel Eye Mask LF-0001-HK865


Gel Photo Frame, Floating Placemat, Bracelet, Bath Pillow and Cushion LF-0025-HK809


Heat Packs LF-0026-HK865


Hot and Cool Eye Mask LF-0027-TAI865


Leisure Masks LF-0003-HK011


Liquid Filled Bags LF-0004-HK608


Liquid Filled Keyrings LF-0007-HK608


Liquid Filled Magnet LF-0009-HK809


Liquid Filled Memo Clip LF-0010-HK809


Liquid Filled Strap and Pouch LF-0015-HK608


Liquid Phone Pouch and Water Resistant Pouch LF-0016-HK809


Liquid Phone Strap and Multi-Purpose Cleaner LF-0017-HK809


Liquid filled phone Strap with Compass LF-0012-HK600


Luggage Tags, Card Holders and Liquid Tray LF-0018-HK809


Pen, letter opener, magnet and keyring LF-0019-HK649


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