Packaging Items Tins (PIT)

Carry Tin PIT-0001-HK319


Fancy Shape Tins 01 PIT-0002-HK2782


Fancy Shape Tins 02 PIT-0003-HK2782


Gift Tin 1 - Recyclable PIT-0004-HK409


Gift Tin 2 - Recyclable PIT-0005-HK409


Looney Tunes and Race Car Tins PIT-0006-HK319


Mint, Cigarette and Heart Tins PIT-0007-HK2782


Octagonal Tins and Pencil Cases PIT-0008-HK2782


Oval Tins PIT-0009-HK2782


Rectangular Tins 2 PIT-0011-HK2782


Rectangular Tins 3 PIT-0012-HK2782


Rectangular Tins PIT-0010-HK2782


Round Flat Tin 02 PIT-0015-HK759


Round Flat Tin PIT-0013-HK759


Round Flat Tin PIT-0014-HK759


Round Tins 2 PIT-0017-HK2782


Round Tins PIT-0016-HK2782


Small Round Tins PIT-0018-HK2782


Square Tin PIT-0019-HK759


Square Tins PIT-0020-HK2782


Square tins 2 PIT-0021-HK2782


Stainless Steel Jewellery Box PIT-0022-HK3012


Tin Box - Truck Shape PIT-0023-HK717


Tin Bus PIT-0024-HK319


Tin Lunch Boxes 02 PIT-0026-HK2782


Tin Lunch Boxes PIT-0025-HK2782


Tin Money Box PIT-0027-HK843


Tin Sign Plates PIT-0029-HK2782


Tin Truck, Train PIT-0030-HK319


Tin planes, Racing Cars and Buses PIT-0028-HK319


Tins 02 PIT-0032-HK1138


Tins 03 PIT-0033-HK2782


Tins 04 PIT-0034-HK319


Tins 05 PIT-0035-HK759


Tins 06 PIT-0036-HK759


Tins PIT-0031-HK1138


Tray and Pail Tins PIT-0037-HK2782


Truck and Train Tins PIT-0038-HK2782


Van Shape Carry Tin PIT-0039-HK319


Printed logos are for demonstration purposes only. The Promotions Bank does not claim to have supplied any of the items above, to any of the owners of the marks or logos shown, or be endorsed in any way by any of them. Personalised items are only for sale to the owners of that particular trademark.