Party Items (PI)

Animals in Capsules Collection PI-0001-HK224


Antler Headband 01 PI-0002-TAI073


Antler Headband 02 PI-0003-TAI073


Antler Headband 03 PI-0004-TAI073


Assorted Party Items 1 PI-0005-HK360


Assorted Party Items 2 PI-0006-HK360


Assorted Party Items 3 PI-0007-HK232


Bat PI-0008-TAI073


Brain PI-0009-TAI073


Clappers PI-0011-HK671


Construction Hat 01 PI-0048-HK1234


Construction Hat 02 PI-0049-HK1234


EVA Animal Sun Caps PI-0013-HK796


EVA Masks PI-0015-HK796


Ears PI-0012-TAI073


Eva Hats PI-0014-HK1154


Eyeballs PI-0016-TAI073


Face Markers PI-0018-HK417


Face and Body Paint PI-0017-HK1691


Feet PI-0019-TAI073


Hand PI-0020-TAI073


Heart PI-0021-TAI073


Intestine PI-0022-TAI073


Kidney PI-0023-TAI073


Lips PI-0024-TAI073


Liver PI-0025-TAI073


Lung PI-0026-TAI073


Masks PI-0027-HK232


Mirror Balls PI-0028-HK053


Ninja Weapon Set PI-0029-HK1279


Noses 1 PI-0030-HK610


Noses 2 PI-0031-HK610


Noses PI-0032-TAI073


PVC Character Straws and Coasters PI-0039-TSI240


Party Banner PI-0033-HK232


Party Hat - Glitter Bowler Hat PI-0034-HK1229


Party Hat - Glitter Top Hat PI-0035-HK1229


Party Hat 1 PI-0036-HK1229


Party Hat 2 PI-0037-HK1229


Party Hats PI-0038-HK1229


Shock Cigarette PI-0040-HK636


Shock Gum PI-0041-HK636


Straws PI-0042-HK224


Whoopee Coushion PI-0043-TAI073


Whoopee Cushion 02 PI-0044-TAI404


Whoopee Cushion 03 PI-0045-TAI073


Wiper Glasses PI-0046-HK140


Xmas Banner PI-0047-HK232


clown nose PI-0010-HK1286


Printed logos are for demonstration purposes only. The Promotions Bank does not claim to have supplied any of the items above, to any of the owners of the marks or logos shown, or be endorsed in any way by any of them. Personalised items are only for sale to the owners of that particular trademark.