Pubs and Bars (PB)

Beer Mat PB-0001-TAI240


Blinking Bottle Opener PB-0002-HK511


Blinking Coaster PB-0003-HK331


Blow Sticks PB-0004-HK226


Bottle Opener with Key Chains PB-0005-ENT0803811


Cocktail Bottle Stopper PB-0007-TAI091


Color Changing Cocktail Items PB-0008-HK1210


Cooler Bag 2 PB-0009-HK054


Custom Designed Acrylic Key Holders PB-0010-HK014


Figurines For Drinking Straws PB-0011-HK735


Flashing Coaster 2 PB-0013-HK849


Flashing Sports Badges PB-0014-CHI047


Flashing and Voice Coaster PB-0012-HK511


Flat Torch Keyrings PB-0015-HK378


Food PB-0016-HK228


Fountain Fun Bottle and Cup PB-0017-HK735


Glowing Whistle Necklace, Pen and Blinking Stick PB-0018-TAI668


Ice Cube Keyring 2 PB-0019-HK014


Inflatables with Logos 1 PB-0020-TAI071


Inflatables with Logos 4 PB-0021-TAI071


Inflatables with Logos 5 PB-0022-TAI071


Magic Coin Key Holder PB-0023-HK121


Magnetic Bottle Opener PB-0024-HK043


Novelty cup PB-0025-HK735


PVC Character Straws and Coasters PB-0026-TSI240


Stirrers - Various PB-0027-HK002


Straws 01 PB-0028-HK224


Straws 02 PB-0029-HK002


Tropical Coasters Various PB-0030-HK074


Voice Bottle Opener PB-0031-HK511


Wine Stopper Various and Corkscrew PB-0032-TAI162


Printed logos are for demonstration purposes only. The Promotions Bank does not claim to have supplied any of the items above, to any of the owners of the marks or logos shown, or be endorsed in any way by any of them. Personalised items are only for sale to the owners of that particular trademark.