Stars (ST)

Air Freshener 04 ST-0001-TAI269


Animal, Hexagon, Fruit, Sport and Misc Shaped CD Case ST-0002-HK621


Assorted Flashing Items ST-0003-HK849


Balls, Stars, Smily Faces and Yoyos ST-0004-TAI260


Carabiner 3 ST-0005-TAI673


Coasters ST-0006-HK161


Color Changing Cocktail Items ST-0007-HK1210


Compressed Bath Towel ST-0008-TAI153


Compressed T-shirts ST-0009-TAI153


Desk Accessories 04 ST-0010-HK600


Desk Accessories 09 ST-0011-HK600


Flashing and Light Novelties 05 ST-0013-TAI322


Flashing and Light Novelties 06 ST-0014-TAI322


Flashing and Light Novelties 07 ST-0015-TAI322


Flashing and Light-Up Pendants ST-0012-HK1279


Flat Torch Keyrings ST-0016-HK378


Float Board ST-0017-CHI234


Frames ST-0018-HK492


Highlighters ST-0019-TAI673


Keyring Light ST-0020-TAI673


Keyrings ST-0021-HK161


Memo Clips ST-0022-TAI673


Multi-Purpose Cleaner ST-0023-HK865


Straws 02 ST-0024-HK002


WCS Customised Liquid Filled Keyrings ST-0025-HK809


WCS Desk Accessories 10 ST-0026-HK600


WCS Heat Packs ST-0027-HK865


WCS Memo Holders ST-0028-HK1697


WCS Sparkle Pen ST-0029-TAI255


Wind Wheel Star ST-0030-HK1477


Printed logos are for demonstration purposes only. The Promotions Bank does not claim to have supplied any of the items above, to any of the owners of the marks or logos shown, or be endorsed in any way by any of them. Personalised items are only for sale to the owners of that particular trademark.