Executive Puzzles

01 - Magic Concepts Range - Magic Cube

02 - Magic Concepts Range - Magic Shape

03 - Rubiks Promotional Range

04 - Amazing Calendar

05 - Writing Instruments and stationery

06 - Sports Merchandise

07 - Microfibre

08 - Novelties and Puzzles

09 - Tech Accessories

10 - Keyrings, Badges and Magnets

11 - Lanyards

General Categories

3D Glasses (3D)

Acrylic items (AI)

Air Fresheners (AF)

Animals (AN)

Aqua Products (AP)

Auto (AU)

BBQ Picnic (BBQ)

Baby items (BI)

Badges, lapel pins, tie bars (BL)

Badges-Flashing (BF)

Balloons (BAL)

Balls Juggling and Hacky Sacks (BJ)

Balls Koosh (BK)

Balls Others (BO)

Balls bouncing (BB)

Bar Items Bottle Openers (BA)

Bar Items Others (BAO)

Bathroom Aroma Spa (BAS)

Bathroom Items (BATH)

Beach Items (BE)

Binoculars (BIN)

Bobble Heads (BH)

Bookmark Pens (BMP)

Box Clocks (BC)

Business Card Holders (BZ)

CD Holders (CDH)

Calculators (CA)

Calendars (CAL)

Cameras (CAM)

Candles (CAN)

Caribiners (CAR)

Childrens Novelties (CHN)

Chopsticks (CHS)

Christmas (CX)

Christmas Snowdomes (CXS)

Christmas Tins (CXT)

Clocks Alarm (CAL)

Clocks Desk (CD)

Clocks Novelty (CN)

Clocks Other (CO)

Clocks Wall (CW)

Clothing and Garments (CG)

Coasters (COA)

Colour in Cards (CIC)

Compasses (COM)

Compressed Items (CI)

Computer Accessories (CPA)

Cork Items (COR)

Decision Makers (DMK)

Desk Accessories (DA)

Desk World Globe (DWG)

Drinkware Aluminium Bottles (DAB)

Drinkware Bottles (DB)

Drinkware Canteens (DCT)

Drinkware Cocktail (DCG)

Drinkware Cups (DC)

Drinkware Flask (DF)

Drinkware Glass (DG)

Drinkware Mug (DM)

Drinkware Shakers (DS)

Drinkware Thermo Mug (DT)

Egg (EG)

Eva Products (EV)

Fans Desk (FAND)

Fans Flashing (FANF)

Fans Hand Held (FANH)

Fans Personal (FANP)

Fashion Accessories (FAS)

Fashion Accessories Brooches (FASB)

Fashion Accessories Ear Rings (FASE)

Fashion Accessories Flowers (FASF)

Fashion Accessories Hair Clips (FASC)

Fashion Accessories Headbands (FASH)

Fashion Accessories Rings (FASR)

First Aid Kit (FIK)

Fish (FI)

Flags (FLG)

Flash Drives (FLD)

Flashing Animals (FLA)

Flashing Badge (FLB)

Flashing Glass (FLGL)

Flashing Items (FLI)

Flashing Light Stick (FLLS)

Flashing Necklace (FLN)

Footwear Float Board (FFB)

Footwear Thongs (FTH)

Frisbee Collapsible (FCO)

Frisbees (FR)

Frog (FRO)

Gadgets (GAD)

Games (GAM)

Games Darts (GDAR)

Games Dice (GDI)

Games Magnetic Boards (GMB)

Games Marbles (GMA)

Games Palm Pilots (GPP)

Games Playing Cards (GPC)

Gloves (GLV)

Glow In The Dark (GID)

Gum Ball Machine (GUM)

Hats (HA)

Health and Fitness (HF)

Health and Fitness Body Support (HFS)

Household (HO)

Household-Door Mats (HD)

Inflatables (IN)

Inflatables Bags and Pillows (INB)

Inflatables Beach (INBE)

Inflatables Bottles (INBO)

Inflatables Furniture (INF)

Inflatables Games (ING)

Inflatables Mattress (INM)

Inflatables Sports (INS)

Jewellery Boxes (JB)

Kaleidoscopes (KA)

Keyring Games (KG)

Keyrings Floating (KF)

Keyrings Laser (KL)

Keyrings Metal (KM)

Keyrings Novelty (KN)

Keyrings Others (KO)

Keyrings Sports (KS)

Keyrings Tape Measures (KTM)

Kids (KID)

Kinetic Mobiles (KM)

Kitchen Can Opener (KCO)

Kitchen Items (KI)

Kitchen Items Chopping Board (KIC)

Kitchen Items Food Containers (KIF)

Kitchen Items Placemat (KIP)

Kitchen Items Utensils (KIU)

Kitchen Timers (KT)

Kites (KIT)

Lanyards, PVC Holders (LAN)

Lenticular Products (LP)

Letter Openers (LO)

Levels (LVL)

Liquid Filled Items (LF)

Locks (LOC)

Luggage Tags (LT)

Lunch Bags (LB)

Magnets (MAG)

Magnifiers (MF)

Magnifiers Bookmark (MFB)

Manicure Sets (MAN)

Massagers (MSG)

Mini Coolers and Eskies (MC)

Miscellaneous (MIS)

Mobile Accessories (MOB)

Mobile Charger (MCH)

Mobile Cleaners (MCL)

Mobile Flasher (MFL)

Mobile Holders (MHO)

Mobile Sim Backup (MSB)

Mobile Strap (MST)

Mobile Torch Light (MTL)

Money Bank Animals (MBA)

Money Bank Coin Purse (MCP)

Money Bank Piggy Bank (MPB)

Money Banks (MBK)

Money Clip (MOC)

Musical Instruments (MI)

Outdoor Chairs (OC)

Outdoor Leisure (OL)

Outdoor Tent (OT)

Packaging Items Bottles (PIB)

Packaging Items PVC Bags (PVC)

Packaging Items Paper Bags Boxes (PBB)

Packaging Items Tins (PIT)

Panda (PAN)

Paperweights (PW)

Party Items (PI)

Pedometers (PED)

Personal Items (PI)

Personal Items Alarms (PIA)

Personal Items Care-Brushes (PCB)

Personal Items Combs Mirrors (PICM)

Personal Items Gift Sets (PIGS)

Personal Items Travel and Hotel (PITH)

Pets Corner (PET)

Pharmaceutical (PM)

Pharmaceutical Anatomical (PA)

Pharmaceutical Dental (PD)

Pharmaceutical Gadgets (PG)

Pharmaceutical Instruments (PI)

Photo Frames (PF)

Pill Boxes (PIL)

Plush Toys (PT)

Plush Toys Animals (PTA)

Plush Toys Bears (PTB)

Plush Toys Cushions (PTC)

Plush Toys Keychains (PTK)

Plush Toys Powder Bead Filled (PTP)

Pubs and Bars (PB)

Puzzle 3D (P3D)

Puzzles (PUZ)

Puzzles Games (PG)

Radios (RD)

Radios Auto Scan (RAS)

Radios Card (RCA)

Radios Coolers (RCO)

Radios Desk (RDE)

Radios Promotional (RPR)

Radios Shower (RSH)

Radios Sports (RSP)

Rain Wear (RAI)

Retractable Badges (RBG)

Ribbons And Rossettes (RIB)

Sand and Water Timers (SWT)

Sewing Kits (SEW)

Shaving Kits (SHK)

Silicon Bracelet (SILB)

Skipping rope (SKI)

Slinkies (SLK)

Snap Bracelets (SNB)

Snowdomes (SNO)

Soccer Items (SI)

Solar Power (SOL)

Sound Cards (SCD)

Sound Modules (SMO)

Souvenirs (SOU)

Spinning Top (SPT)

Sports Balls (SBA)

Sports Games (SG)

Sports Items (SPI)

Sports Water Sport (SWS)

Stars (ST)

Stationery Chinese Abacus (SCA)

Stationery Clip Boards (SCB)

Stationery Clips (SCL)

Stationery Erasers (SER)

Stationery Feather and Plush Pen (FPP)

Stationery Folders (SFO)

Stationery Highlighters (SHL)

Stationery Hole Puncher (SHP)

Stationery Memo Boards (SMB)

Stationery Memo Holders (SMH)

Stationery Others (SO)

Stationery Pen Flag Pen (PFP)

Stationery Pen Gadget (PG)

Stationery Pen Holders (SPH)

Stationery Pen Marine (PM)

Stationery Pen Neck Cord (SPNC)

Stationery Pencil Cases (SPC)

Stationery Pencils (SPN)

Stationery Pens (SP)

Stationery Pens Counter (SPCO)

Stationery Pens Laser (PNL)

Stationery Pens Novelty (PNN)

Stationery Rulers (SRU)

Stationery Scissors (SSC)

Stationery Set (STS)

Stationery Sharpeners (SSH)

Stationery Stamps (STP)

Stationery Staplers (SST)

Stationery Tape Dispenser (STD)

Stationery White Board Markers (SWM)

Stickers (SK)

Straws (STW)

Stress Items (PU)

Stubby Holders (STU)

Sun Visors (SVI)

Sunglasses (SUN)

Sweat Bands (SWB)

Swizzle Sticks (SS)

Table Lamps (TL)

Tape Measures (TME)

Tattoos (TAT)

Thermometers (TH)

Thermometers Bath (THB)

Thermometers Room (THR)

Timers (TIM)

Tissues (TIS)

Tools (TO)

Toothbrush (TTH)

Torch Booklight (TBO)

Torch Headlight (THE)

Torch Pocket (TPO)

Torches (TRC)

Toys (TY)

Toys Die Cast Aeroplanes (TDCA)

Toys Die Cast Others (TDCO)

Toys Die Cast Vehicles (TDCV)

Toys Die Cast cars (TDCC)

Toys Musical Instruments (TML

Toys Picture Projector viewers (TPP)

Toys Remote Controlled (TRC)

Toys Sing A Long (TSL)

Travel Accessories (TRA)

UV and Heat Cards (UV)

Umbrellas (UMB)

Voice Memos (VM)

Wallets (WLL)

Watches (WAT)

Watches Count Down (WCD)

Watches Kids (WKI)

Watches Sports (WST)

Watches Stop Watch (WSW)

Watches Sweat Band (WSB)

Weather Stations (WS)

Wind Items (WI)

Wrist Supports (WRS)

Yo Yos (YO)

Printed logos are for demonstration purposes only. The Promotions Bank does not claim to have supplied any of the items above, to any of the owners of the marks or logos shown, or be endorsed in any way by any of them. Personalised items are only for sale to the owners of that particular trademark.